This is why Philly has so many pizzerias

Nov 29, 2019 348

BY: Layla A. Jones

Philly has a lot of pizzerias. It’s not something the city is known for — tomato pie is a whole different beast — but anyone who lives here can speak to the idea. “I literally have a pizza shop on my block, and there’s many others.” said Carolyn Wyman, a nationally-recognized food historian with seven books to her name. “I live in South Philly and every corner pretty much has a deli or a food store.”

Combine those neighborhood joints with the city’s longtime mainstays — 92-year-old Marra’s on East Passyunk, 73-year-old Taconelli’s in Port Richmond — plus the wave of fancy Neapolitan makers (Stella, Pizzeria Vetri, Nomad), the trendy Roman-style pizzaiolos (Alicé, Rione) and the onslaught of build-your-own chains (&Pizza, Snap, Blaze) and you have a pie scene that’s truly bursting at the seams.

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