Where to feast on authentic Italian food for $15 in Monroe County

Oct 01, 2019 158

BY: Mary Chao

Gates is home to many great Italian eateries. And many great Italian organizations. One of the two best deals on a meal can be found at the Italian American Community Center at 150 Frank Dimino Way off Manitou Road. It serves lunch every other Wednesday at noon and is open to the public. For $15, you can eat like a king.

Start with antipasto with a selection of bruschetta, olives, cheese, salami and anchovies. Then bowls of homemade pasta with homemade sauce are served at the table family-style. If that's not enough, the entrée follows. On Sept. 25, the club featured Chicken French, escarole, potatoes, salad and eggplant Parmesan. And there's a carafe of wine at the table. All this plus service with a smile and no tipping for $15. 

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