What's up with WTI: Editorial # 111

Jan 19, 2019 458

Ciao from Rome, Happy 2019!

We want to share with you a few numbers regarding our 2018. During last year we've promoted 7,427 news (1,892 of the about Italy, the other ones about something Italian in the US); published 198 articles in the 12 issues of our Magazine; done 24 interviews; published one yearbook (about the 2017 interviews). Our archive of websites regarding non-profit organizations, groups, departments, festivals, museums, associations and foundations celebrating something Italian in the US contains 1,457 records. During 2018 we've sent 1.130.889 newsletters: with 12 months, 9 areas and several of you who subscribed to more than one, this is the final number. We've passed the 40,000 likes on our Facebook page: please, like us if you haven't already done. We have a Linkedin group with 873 members (we're waiting for you, here, come join us). We're also on Twitter (770 followers), Instagram (796 followers) and YouTube, and we're planning on improving our presence on these three social media. It has been a great year, but once again, we're just getting started!

We are also working on the 2018 We the Italians yearbook. Stay tuned, it’ll be ready very very soon!

We the Italians supports the collection of signatures for the candidacy of Bel Canto and the Italian Opera as intangible heritage of humanity at UNESCO. Together with our dear friend Tito Schipa Jr, the son of the famous champion of Bel Canto Tito Schipa, who lived and died in the US in the first half of last century, we met with Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, President of Fondazione Univerde, who was the one who led to the success of the candidacy of the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker to the intangible heritage of humanity at UNESCO. Let’s collect as many signatures as we can. To sign, please send us an email at info@wetheitalians.com. Let’s get together and win this thing!!

Last but not least, a few days ago we attended the press conference of presentation of OnStage! The first festival of American theatre in Italy. We the Italians is proud to be media partner of this wonderful festival, the twin festival of InScena!, the festival of Italian theatre in New York this year at its 7th edition. We had with us our friend Luca Martera and Marco Marzocca, one of the most funny and talented Italian actors; and of course Laura Caparrotti and Donatella Codonesu, the two brilliant beautiful visionaries who gave birth to the festival. Of course the press conference was held at the Center for American Studies, the place where American things happen in Rome. 

That’s all for now. So stay tuned, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!

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