West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival preparations demand much work, exciting entertainment announced, officials say

Jul 26, 2019 168

The West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival is an anticipated celebration of a culture that has helped shape much of the region over the years, and this year marks the 41st rendition of the anticipated event. “I think it’s a great accomplishment that something that was started so many years ago is able to live on thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and community members who have supported that all these years,” said Tyler Terango, chairman of the festival.

To prepare for the festival that’s held on Labor Day weekend each year, Terango said countless hours go into the preparations to ensure that each fete is just as successful or more so than the last. “Right now as we go into the festival, as we are doing things, we talk about how we will do something different next year,” he said. “After the festival ends, that’s when we start planning again.”

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SOURCE: https://www.wvnews.com/

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