West St. Paul’s Jerry Carbone hangs up his pizza apron. They’re throwing him a party Saturday

Jun 22, 2019 349

BY: Nick Ferraro

In 1973, a 21-year-old Jerry Carbone agreed to run his father’s small pizza shop after the manager was shown the door. Carbone quickly turned around the shop, which was at Smith Avenue and Curtice Street on St. Paul’s West Side. But he had worked long hours — every day.

“It started making a profit,” Jerry recalled this week. “And then my dad found out I quit school. I said, ‘How am I supposed to work seven days a week and go to school?’ ” So his dad, Mario Carbone, offered to sell him the small shop for what he had put into it — $10,000. “I jumped at it,” he said.

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SOURCE: https://www.twincities.com/

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