Welcome 2020, a year to be proud of being Italian

Jan 15, 2020 339

We’ve been living in a new decade for almost two weeks, and so many things have already happened. Yet, the month of January is, more often than not, a time when we look back at what  we did and  set up standards for what we’d  like to do. The same is true for countries. And so, we wonder, what does Italy want from the new year? 

2019 wasn’t simple for the Belpaese: the government fell and reformed, leaving one of the country’s most controversial parties at the opposition and a great deal of instability and confusion. Rome is filthy and apparently the city council cannot do a thing about it. Young people have no jobs and keep fleeing the country, in search of better opportunities which, often, they find across the ocean, in the US.

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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