Watertown's Beloved Spaziani Bread Comes Home

Feb 21, 2019 2140

If you're from the Watertown area, you may recognize Spaziani bread wrappers. But you're probably asking yourself how can that be? Spaziani Bakery closed years ago. It turns out the family's traditional Italian bread recipe survived. Tony Spaziani, grandson of the bakery's original owner, Guy Spaziani, has been making it and serving it at his restaurant, Giovanni's Pizzeria e Ristorante Italiano in Fairbanks, Ohio since 1995.

"I talked to my Aunt Josephine Marcinko and she gave me the recipe," said Tony. "I had one of the last of the old bread wrappers that was used for years and years and I was able to get it duplicated. I was able to use the same bread wrapper from when I grew up in the 50s."

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SOURCE: https://www.wwnytv.com/

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