Walt Disney Family Museum to Spotlight FANTASIA with Composer Fabrizio Mancinelli

Apr 30, 2019 373

In the late 1930s, Walt Disney embarked upon a collaboration with conductor Leopold Stokowski to create a "Concert Feature," in which Disney's artists and storytellers were to be inspired by classical music when creating the visuals for the animated segments of the picture. Of course, this collaboration resulted in Fantasia (1940), which, even today, stands out as an animated masterpiece.

Hailed as one of Walt's finest films, Fantasia is also the focus of this month's 10th Anniversary celebration at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Through this special talk, speaker Fabrizio Mancinelli, a composer and conductor, will help honor the film's enduring legacy. Mancinelli will discuss the importance of music in the films that preceded Fantasia, how color and music work in concert with Fantasia's animation, and the ways in which this film continues to have a lasting impact on composers, musicians, and film lovers.

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SOURCE: https://www.broadwayworld.com

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