Visiting Sardinia in Winter

Jan 16, 2020 366

BY: Juli Piscedda

As I always say, Sardinia is not just sea – and if you are planning to visit the island in the low season, here you can find some advice you should take advantage of.

Take part in the carnival. The Sardinia Carnival, on the 16th and 17th of January, is dedicated to the purifying fire, in memory of “Sant’Antoni ‘e su fogu”, who went to take back the sacred fire directly to the hell. Traditional masks can be seen in Marmolada, during the Mamhutones and Issohadores parades, and in Oristano, during the Sartiglia where you can admire the equestrian games with the race to the star or that of the ‘pariglie’ – a pair of draft horses.

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