A Vintage Lover’s Guide to the Best Shopping in Rome

May 14, 2018 383


There are plenty of religious experiences you can have in Rome, but for the truly devout fashion fan, few will rival finding an incredible piece of vintage clothing. The good news is that in the nearly 2,800-year-old city, there are plenty of vintage stores that can really wow a shopper, from those classic treasure troves of dusty bins and stuffed racks to the carefully curated collections of Italian designer garments.

What you need to know about vintage shopping in Italy’s capital is that prices can be a bit higher than what you might be used to in American vintage shops, but don’t let the sticker shock stop you from buying something great. Instead, prioritize and head for these five vintage mainstays before checking out the city’s many flea markets and small secondhand stores.

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SOURCE: https://www.vogue.com

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