Treating your sense at the Italian Street Festival in Indianapolis

Jun 15, 2019 255

BY: Erin Lish

It's time to treat your sense at this year's Italian Street Festival! Things are underway with live music and fun. Ten thousand homemade meatballs and 400 bags of cream to fill cannolis made by Italians are needed for the festival. What's their most significant piece of advice when making authentic Italian food?

"Garlic, everything has garlic, and everything takes time," Lisa Meister, with the Italian Street Festival, said. "There's no rush; you cannot rush making good Italian food." It takes weeks to get food ready to go for about 40,000 people over Friday and Saturday. There are 25 mouth-watering food stands and the money raised goes to the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Their pastor says this festival means much more than just receiving donations to help maintain their ministry.

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