Tindari: a Sicilian gem between myth and legend

Nov 08, 2019 672

BY: Barbara Palladino

Tindari was founded by Dionysius I of Syracuse in 396 BC, and its name comes from Ancient Greek: Τύνδαρις, in honor of Tyndareus, king of Sparta. In 257 BC, it was the theater of a historic battle where Cartagena’s fleet was chased away by the Romans, led by consul Aulus Atilius Calatinus.

Today, the town is a gem of art, set in the unique landscape around the promontory of the Nebrodi Mountains where it rises, and shines bright with the light of its legendary history. Its famous ancient theater was built in the 4th century BC and today is the perfect venue for music festivals, thanks to its great acoustics and breathtaking surroundings.

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SOURCE: https://www.italianways.com

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