The Third Triumvirate

May 04, 2018 789

BY: Mikey Fedeli

There is a reason why the Roman Republic was one of the greatest civilizations in the history of the world. Twice in its history, the Roman Republic formed Triumvirates, each consisting of three leaders that unified the Republic and made it stronger. Although Ancient Rome, lasting for a thousand years and being the roots for Italian culture, no longer exists, the ideologies they created still live on.

I was privileged and honored to have helped bring Third Triumvirate to speak to University’s School’s Compare Club this past April. The Third Triumvirate consists of three of my greatest mentors and friends, Victor DiGeronimo Sr. of DiGeronimo Companies, Angelo Petitti of Petitti Garden Centers and Bruno Berardi of Holly Sales. Together, these three men have built lives based off family, friends, faith, and of course, food. What better way for the members of my club to learn about Italian culture than to hear about it firsthand from the ones who are responsible for all the great qualities of it.

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