Tenuta's inspires Alimentari, a Italian deli in Madison from Pig in a Fur Coat owners

Jun 11, 2018 451

BY: Lindsay Christians

It’s no easy thing to find paper-thin prosciutto sliced to order in this town. Alimentari, a new deli set to open later this summer on the east side, wants to change that. “Everything’s going to be cut fresh to order, so if you get prosciutto, mortadella, capacolla, it’ll be sliced to order for you in whatever size you want,” said Dan Bonanno, the chef/owner of A Pig in a Fur Coat and a co-owner of Alimentari.

“That’s something that is very lacking in Madison as a whole, very much, including the big box stores. Nobody has fresh cut stuff anymore, nor do they really know how slice," he said. “If there’s one thing we learned from my dad, my brother and I, we know how to slice meat on a slicer to get nice, thin prosciutto.”

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