Ten ways to get your tongue tied in Italian

Nov 08, 2019 274

So you think you've mastered your double consonants, you've got your vowels down pat and you roll your Rs like a pro? Test your Italian pronunciation with these tongue twisters.  From crazy long words to some choice scioglilingua (literally 'tongue loosener', the Italian word for a tongue twister), here are ten ways to give your mouth a workout in Italian.


This 26-letter word might refer to doing things quickly, but it isn't one you'll be rushing through. It's composed of  precipitevole ('hasty'), the suffix ~issimo ('very') plus the ending ~mente (like ~ly in English, it turns an adjective into an adverb) – giving you an extremely long way to say 'very hastily'.

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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it/

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