Teatrino Giullare

Jul 19, 2018 398

A comedic, poetic and magical show: a triumph of masks that revisits the themes of Commedia dell’Arte with a modern and ironic twist is on its way to San Francisco. Two actors give life to the stylized and surreal characters of Italian theater tradition combining acting, music and puppets. The leather masks, made specifically for this show by masterful mask makers, are an essential part of the production.

The costumes impose themselves as notes of color and poetry, and serve as instruments commemorating the main characters of this time-honored Italian theater technique (Arlecchino, Pantalone, Capitano…). In this production there are entertaining scenes with puppets in a universal language that consists mostly of mime and music. This, combined with the minimal use of Italian words, makes the piece suitable for an audience of every type, nationality, and age.

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SOURCE: https://iicsanfrancisco.esteri.it/

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