Teaching Italian: Symposium/Workshops for Instructional Materials

May 09, 2018 747

You are invited to submit a workshop proposal for Teaching Italian: Symposium/Workshops for Instructional Materials. The theme of the 11th annual symposium is art at the core of the language curriculum. The keynote speaker of Teaching Italian XI is Dr. Annavaleria Guazzieri, Director, Education Office (Italian Consulate of New York). 

Studies reveal that teaching language through art helps evoke students’ emotions, lower their affective filters, induce high-order thinking, facilitate more holistic language learning, and demonstrate the intersection of disciplines. We are seeking three (3) workshop leaders.

The goal of the workshop leader is to take participants on a journey by applying theory to practice in the design and development of instructional materials. Workshop leaders will present on the use of art to enhance Italian language learning and cultural knowledge through model unit and/or lesson plans.  With workshop participants, leaders will also co-construct materials that range from elementary to AP levels and produce fun and engaging examples that are easy to modify to level-appropriate activities for instant incorporation in the Italian classroom. 

This signature full day event at Montclair State University (NJ), to be held on Friday, October 26,2018, is designed to inspire K-12 teachers (and perhaps some college level instructors too) with innovative, practical and fun ways to teach Italian. 

All workshops will be conducted in Italian and presented twice (morning and afternoon sessions). Workshop leaders will also participate in a panel discussion with keynote, Dr. Annavaleria Guazzieri, moderated by Dr. Enza Antenos. 

For their participation in Teaching Italian, the Coccia Institute will offer to workshop leaders an honorarium and cover travel expenses and a two-night stay in a hotel. 

To apply, please fill out the form https://goo.gl/forms/pfVsDN6h0WtOxzru1

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