Tales of Italy Through One Small Wine Importer

Jan 20, 2019 253

BY: Susan H. Gordon

Their mission: to deliver the nuances of each of Italy’s 526 wine appellations, which might otherwise stay beyond reach for wine drinkers in other places. Small-scale, dedicated importers are important suppliers of less-known bottles and crucial cultural resources, too, bearers of those places' innumerable details and possibilities.

A boutique wine importer with a personal vision and the kind of deep knowledge and time put in that lets them bring Italy's many, many, stories stateside. A small-scale producer whose investments are in their lands and cellars, with little money left for marketing and promotion. A partnership becomes necessary. One that's another genre of source material for my own ongoing search through Italy’s wines, a sort of archive in real time.

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SOURCE: https://www.forbes.com

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