The story of lorighittas, the Sardinian pasta only women can make

Apr 16, 2019 151


Sardinia, cradle of history and special traditions, holds within also plenty of culinary secrets. Let’s ideally travel to the west of the island. We are in the enchanting area of Marmilla, a small region at the very edges of the Campidano, where soft, rolling hills dominate the landscape, punctuated here and there by typical giare, basalt plateaux covered in Mediterranean shrub and cork forests.  

Here, in the traditional village of Morgongiori (home to 800) in the province of Oristano, known especially for its tapestry and artistic rug making industry, a small group of women holds — quite literally — in their hands the secrets to make the lorighittas, an old fashioned variety of pasta, beautifully weaved by hand.  

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