The Stonehenge of the Mediterranean

Jun 13, 2019 262

Sardinia has an age-old story, told by the archaeological evidence dotted throughout the territory. The tangible signs of the prehistoric island are endless: menhir, dolmen, domus de Janas, sacred wells, tombs of the giants and countless Nuraghe complexes. Enormous stones that have been guarding secrets for four thousand years. Buildings, often intact, of the first civilizations ever to exist in Europe, the only sites of their kind in the world, a patrimony to be discovered and experienced: this is the Stonehenge of the Mediterranean.

Eyes to admire and a soul to understand. It is the immediate feeling when faced with the impressive ruins of prehistoric Sardinia. Megalithic monuments, stones that recount stories and protagonists, identifying populations and beliefs. Visiting the island means reliving the same itineraries, once again hearing the sounds of the stones telling a distant story. Evocative places steeped in charm, to be visited on foot or on two wheels, in contact with nature and history.

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