Stocking your Italian Pantry with Pastaio Via Corta

Apr 26, 2020 510

BY: Stephanie Rizzolo

Everyone is craving a little bit of comfort right now. A nourishing meal that can be enjoyed at home, that’s accessible to both newfound cooks and seasoned chefs alike. When I think about foods that feel like a warm blanket, my mind immediately goes to all of the simple pantry ingredients that together, yield the beautifully rustic pasta dished that I grew up on and continue to turn to when I’m hungry for something wholesome and familiar.

As we continue to practice social distancing, it is becoming increasingly less ideal to venture out to large supermarkets to restock our pantries with quality essentials. Online grocery sites are overwhelmed, with wildly distant delivery slots. It’s the perfect time to support small, local businesses; especially those that are open and committed to feeding their communities. 

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