Statement about the removal of two Columbus statues in Chicago

Jul 25, 2020 422

BY: Angelo Vivolo - President, Columbus Heritage Coalition

We are outraged by Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s dead of night abduction of two prominent statues of Columbus, the great explorer. In her attempt to cancel history, she has snuffed out a deeply-rooted public expression of Italian American identity, culture, and pride. Italian Americans conceived these two statues, funded them, built, and gifted them to Chicago, the city they love.

Italian Americans understand the pain and injustice of discrimination. For five generations, our people have felt its sting and endured its stain. It continues today with the concealment and, in many cases, defilement of our statues so intertwined with our identity and our faith. Mayor Lightfoot, this must stop! Please release and return the Christopher Columbus statues now! Correct these unfair and unjust actions. Let due process and a robust debate proceed--not under cover of darkness-- but in the light of day. 

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