This Sopranos Actor Will Come Over, Cook Pasta, Hang Out for 10 Hours

Dec 14, 2019 331

BY: Jelisa Castrodale

It has somehow been 12 years since The Sopranos ended with an abrupt black screen and an incongruous burst of Journey. But the show's popularity endures, and anyone even remotely connected to its titular family can probably dine out on it for another decade-plus. Or, in the case of Joseph Gannascoli, you can hire him to cook a meal and hang around in your kitchen for upwards of 10 hours.

Gannascoli, who played Vito Spatafore in 38 episodes, has been hosting private dinners in Sopranos' fans' own homes, prepping Italian food for as many as 50 guests while he talks about the show and asks Sopranos-themed trivia questions to anyone in earshot. (And in case it comes up, he's one of the few actors who played two different characters on the show, originally making an appearance as a bakery customer named Gino before being re-cast as Vito. You're welcome.)

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