The Sola Busca tarots: the oldest tarots in the world

Mar 03, 2019 264

The Sola Busca Tarots are the oldest Italian deck of cards in the world, and were named after their last owners, Marquis Busca and Count Sola. In 1924, the Ministry of Public Education recognized the value of this complete collection and its illustrations, and claimed first option to buy it – which it exercised in 2009, when the deck was put up for sale.

The cards are currently kept at the Pinacoteca di Brera, which in 1971 had already acquired the Brambilla deck, a set of late-Gothic cards made for the Duke of Milan. There are 78 cards in the Sola Busca Tarots: fine miniatures colored with tempera and gold, featuring original, fascinating and elusive images.

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