Silvio Impagliazzo of West Babylon: A local sports icon

May 17, 2020 251

BY: Bridget Murphy

At age 92, Silvio Impagliazzo worked the concession stand at West Babylon Senior High School’s homecoming football game last fall to volunteer his time before taking a seat to watch the on-field action with one of his sons. But what stands out for Paul Impagliazzo when he remembers that day with his father isn’t the game they saw but all the families who said hello.

One family stopped by, and both parents and their three children had been part of a CYO sports program Silvio Impagliazzo ran locally for more than five decades. “He smiled at me when they walked away and said, ‘I get so much more back than I ever gave,’ ” recalled Paul Impagliazzo, 61, of Delray Beach, Florida.

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