Sicily: A Heart’s Journey – Mary Tolaro Noyes

Jul 24, 2019 234

Saturday August 10 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm. I AM BOOKS, 189 NORTH STREET, BOSTON, MA 02113. Mary Tolaro Noyes shares the dream of finding her Sicilian family—from its origin as a child surrounded by the love of her Sicilian-American family, to its realization on a June day in 1989—and of establishing a lasting connection between them.

As a result, the book also chronicles 30-years of Sicilian adventures (and misadventures) as the author continued her journey. The book will speak to every person who has ever wondered where they came from; celebrated their family’s unique story; or tried to navigate a foreign culture. Mary lets us enter her house and makes us feel at home. 

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