Siblings write book about wrongly accused grandfather

Dec 18, 2018 228

A local brother and sister have teamed up to tell the story of their grandfather, who was wrongly accused of murder in 1933. “Mixed-Up Innocence: Murder at the Spaghetti House” examines “age-old problems of bigotry and corruption,” according to authors Julie “Ju-Ju” DeLillo and Michael Natale Jr.

Their grandfather, Frank A. Natale, who was accused of a grisly murder that took place in Struthers, Ohio, on a November night in 1933. The story, the authors say, documents the “prejudice and injustice that transpired decades ago to an Italian immigrant who was forced to sell off all of his business holdings in order to pay for his defense. Because of this ordeal, Mr. Natale wrongfully spent 15 months in the State Penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio.”

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