Shop Quality Resort Wear At This Boca Raton Italian Boutique

Jan 04, 2019 526

BY: Melissa Puppo

The first word that comes to mind when stepping foot inside one of The Royal Poinciana Plaza’s newest boutiques, 100% Capri, is crisp. As the store opens its doors one late morning in November, a customer confirms this thought: “It’s so white and clean, my goodness!” Rows of linen clothing delicately hang inside the space that features lightly colored wooden panel architecture, creating a sleek, modern shopping destination.

The man behind the sophisticated line is Antonino Aiello, who spends his time bouncing between his boutiques spanning from Capri, to St. Barth, to Ibiza, among other sought-after destinations. The Palm Beach storefront is one of only three locations in the U.S., with one in Bal Harbor and another coming to Miami Brickell City Center.

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