Shelton’s Lauretti for Bridgeport mayor?

Oct 12, 2018 379

BY: Michael P. Mayko and Brian Lockhart

He took the annual Columbus Day Parade away from Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim. So does Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti, a Republican, want Democrat Ganim’s job as well? It sounds unlikely, but Lauretti, a seasoned politician, was happy to keep people speculating Thursday. “I have a good base in Bridgeport,” Lauretti said, responding to a sudden spurt of rumors over 24 hours that he was eyeing that City Hall over the border. “At this stage of the game, anything is possible.”

Lauretti, who has chalked up 14 two-year terms as chief executive of Shelton, added, “I’ve always said Bridgeport is a city of a lot of potential under the right leadership.” The Shelton mayor said if he did run for that job in Bridgeport — after moving to the city, obviously — “I don’t think it’d be as a Republican. Probably unaffiliated.” Like Lauretti’s term in Shelton, Ganim’s term in Bridgeport is up for voter scrutiny in November 2019.

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