Sheboygan restaurants: Il Ritrovo pizza and paninis wow taste buds | Scrumptious

Oct 25, 2018 321

BY: Marina Affo

In the new installment of Scrumptious Sheboygan, the staff of the Sheboygan Press went to lunch at Il Ritrovo, one of local chef Stefano Viglietti's brainchildren.  The translation of Il Ritrovo is "A place to meet." It was certainly a place for your taste buds to meet yummy goodness for sure. 

Opened in 2000, Il Ritrovo is known for its pizza, which was dubbed "Vera Pizza Napolentana" after it opened. This means the Italian government, a.k.a. the birthplace of pizza, said this is legit pizza — a pie made exactly as it's made in the homeland. I was impressed the first time I heard it, too. So, naturally I had to have some pizza. 

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