Servant leader: Umberto P. Fedeli finds value in every relationship

Dec 31, 2017 1186

BY: Mark Scott

Umberto P. Fedeli plays to win. It doesn’t matter if he’s functioning as president and CEO at The Fedeli Group, as a board member at the Cleveland Clinic or as a trusted confidant who has been asked by a friend for help. It’s the way he approaches every facet of his life.

“It’s ultimately about performance,” Fedeli says. “I have no interest in getting involved in something just to play. If we’re playing on the field, we’re playing to win. If we do a fundraiser, I get judged by how much money we raise. If we’re taking care of a client, did we solve that client’s problem? It’s the outcome that matters. What is the goal and what do you have to do to get there? If we’re going to work, let’s work.”

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