Serial Entrepreneur Gianluca De Novi, Ph.D. brings XSurgical to the US; will lead company as Chief Executive Officer

Dec 19, 2018 1948

BY: Jim Farrell

Gianluca De Novi, Ph.D., a serial entrepreneur and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, has brought the Italian company XSurgical, a firm specializing in surgical robotics, to the United States, with the objective of developing new cutting-edge products in this domain.

DeNovi, a native of the small Italian town Bernalda in Basilicata, Italy, has built and run a number of successful ventures in Italy. While there, he scouted a number of interesting forward-thinking companies, seeking to find an exceptional venture to bring to the United States. His efforts led him to XSurgical (originally Surgica Robotica); and, after a period of due diligence, he determined that the market in the United States was right for this venture.

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