‘Sentiero degli Dei: The spectacle of hiking Italy’s Path to the Gods’

Feb 13, 2020 711

BY: Ian Smith

It entailed a 50-minute bus trip to Amalfi, a 20-minute wait and then another 30-minute bus trip upwards to a town called Bomerano on the heights that dominate the Amalfi Coast in Italy. From there it’s a bit of guesswork until you reach the sign Via Sentiero degli Dei — Path of the Gods. How could one resist?

The track unfolds along ancient trails, past terraced hillsides, some in use, others succumbing to disuse and the ravages of time. Elsewhere the cliffs rise dramatically above and disappear below. This is not a place for those with acrophobia but the further you travel the more scenic it becomes, though I found it hard to believe that was possible.

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SOURCE: https://startsat60.com/

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