Saving History - Remembering Nicolena "Lil" Abate

Jan 22, 2019 263

I often talk about the past of the Italian American Community of Northeast Ohio and the work that I do within the community and at the Western Reserve Historical Society to assure that it is preserved in the Italian American Collection. The history of the community, though represented through “things” in the collection, is really about the people who are and were a part of the community.

When we lose a community member, we lose their memories and experiences. And the community forever changes from their absence. As a reminder that the past is about people, my next two columns will focus on recent losses in the Italian American Community. Preserving the stories of individuals is just as important as preserving the material items they leave behind. I hope that learning a bit about their lives will give you a deeper understanding of the character of Italian Americans and the special ways people affect those around them.

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