San Diego bartender is a finalist in the Manhattan Experience

Apr 19, 2018 406

BY: Stacy Marquez

Frank Magnasco, a California native, recently returned back to the Golden State after working as a bartender in New York for 13 years. Once in San Diego, he picked up at Little Italy’s Juniper & Ivy, just seven months ago. Throughout his years working behind the bar, he was always fascinated by the creativity and inventive nature of cocktail competitions, which lead him to enter the Manhattan Experience.

After beating out some fierce competition, Magnasco will return to the city where he started his journey to present his cocktail, The Tribeca, during the final round of competition on Monday, April 23. The Manhattan Experience is a national cocktail competition where bartenders showcase their twist on the classic Manhattan. The grand prize: an all-expenses paid trip for two to London.

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