Salumi Kitchen In Lodi Revolutionizes Gourmet Italian Delicacies

May 02, 2019 343

BY: Cecilia Levine

Salumi Kitchen has opened on Girabaldi Avenue in Lodi. Owner and chef Kenneth Collins says his restaurant is carrying on salumi , the honored Italian tradition of curing and smoking meats -- with a modern twist. "At Salumi Kitchen, we cultivate and expand those time-tested methods with new ingredients to make our meats, pasta, salads and sandwiches truly one of a kind," the restaurant's website says.

"We are creating a conscious Italian evolution that is evident in the standards we practice daily in our eatery. We use only natural produce delivered straight to our door from a local farm in upstate New York, as well as the use of meats without nitrates when creating your selections from our menu."

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