Rosario Giuliani in concert at Club Fugazi

Jun 05, 2019 361

Tuesday, May 18, 2019 | 7:00pm. Club Fugazi, 678 Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard, San Francisco, CA. Free Admission | RSVP Required. What would film be without music? Music conveys all that which images cannot. The importance of a soundtrack can sometimes even transcend that of images and stories, and great directors often build the entire structure of their masterpiece around a score.

Rosario Giuliani, together with a distinct cast of musicians, brings a contemporary music point of view which never betrays the melodies of unforgettable themes, yet it presents them with new force and vitality, demonstrating their immortality and constantly surprising the listener with the fresh and innovative versions.

Unforgettable themes from unforgettable movies, such as 8 e mezzo, Once Upon A Time in America and Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, by the iconic composers Nino Rota ed Ennio Morricone. On top of these themes, two original tracks by Rosario Giuliani and Luciano Biondini (Bianco e Nero and What is There What is Not) which confirms the narrative force of these two incredible musicians and composers.

Rosario Giuliani | alto & soprano sax
Luciano Biondini | accordion
Enzo Pietropaoli | doublebass
Michele Rabbia | drums,percussions,electronics

Rosario Giuliani completed his formal studies at the "L. Refice" Conservatory in Frosinone obtaining the highest scores. Tenacity, talent, a deep-seated passion for all types of music, and great technical prowess have brought Rosario to the fore of the European and international jazz scene. Critics write of him as a true revelation, in France "une benediction."

The enthusiastic and triumphal tones used by the press to describe Giuliani's playing characteristics derive directly from the special sound he creates. With nonchalance he draws from his instruments a fluid phrasing style, at times dazzling, which naturally links him to great saxophonists of the jazz history.

SOURCE: IIC San Francisco

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