Rome’s acclaimed Bonci Pizza brings its scissor-cut slices to New Orleans

Aug 06, 2019 385

BY: Ian McNulty

Pizza lovers can be picky. There’s the style of crust, the specific topping combinations. A new pizzeria in downtown New Orleans now brings a different kind of pizza, and a different approach to ordering. Bonci Pizza opened Thursday in the Warehouse District. It’s part of a chain, though one with links straight back to Rome, where founder Gabriele Bonci opened his first Pizzarium Bonci in 2003.

Cut with scissors to spec and piled with inventive toppings that go way beyond the basics, Bonci's pizza has earned high praise, and by the likes of Anthony Bourdain no less. Bonci Pizza serves pizza al taglio (“by the cut”), a popular style in Rome. It's baked in large rectangular pans and sold and priced by weight ($9.99 to $14.99 on a recent visit to the New Orleans shop).

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