Ristorante D’Amore Capri Brings the Love of Caprese Cuisine to the US for American Heart Month!

Feb 13, 2020 299

The word “Caprese” means much more than mozzarella and tomatoes, and Ristorante D’Amore Capri’s team is headed to the US to prove it! The Italian island of Capri has been synonymous with romance, beauty, mouthwatering cuisine and la dolce vita for decades!

Since its’ opening in 1996, Ristorante D’Amore Capri has been a top summer dining destination for tourists and locals alike. As a token of appreciation to its’ many American clients, restaurant owner Marco D’Amore and Executive Chef Pasquale Rinaldo decided to embark on their first American culinary journey in order to offer NY and DC residents a taste of the sweet life in Capri during American heart

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SOURCE: https://www.prweb.com

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