The rich cultural heritage of Italy’s museums

Mar 02, 2019 105

BY: Linda Laura Sabbadini

Have you ever heard of The Museum of Gold in Arezzo dedicated to preserving the art and craftsmanship of the goldsmith? What about the Museum of Paper Mache (Museo della Cartapesta) in Salento, that celebrates the art form unique to the people of Lecce, or the Museum of Soundscape in Riva in the northern region of Piedmont which allows you to go back in time with immersive sound effects and installations? 

Italy boasts an incredibly rich cultural heritage, and these are but a few examples. Istat recorded a comprehensive list of 5,000 cultural institutions from North to South, made up of large, medium and even small museums. Just a little less than half of these museums are located in municipalities with fewer than 10,000 residents, 16.7% of which have less than 2000 inhabitants.

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