REVIEW: Monaciello Delivers Wonder On A Plate

Nov 28, 2018 378

BY: Kyle Young

I love researching different types of cuisine. I enjoy trying to better my own skillset and expand my knowledge about food. I love the spectrum of skill that home cooks, line cooks, sous chefs and chefs bring to the world. The thing I love most about food, besides eating it, is connecting with people that celebrate imagination in the kitchen. The people operating Monaciello have created a gift for our city that I’m confident will bring people genuine happiness.

How do they achieve such a feat? It starts with the look of their restaurant. The walls and the cushions on their high-top seats are bathed in turquoise. At the rear of the restaurant, diners get smalls peaks at Chef Jacob Gordon and his two sous chefs through an ornate grate and distinctive wood paneling.

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