Restaurant of the Year Macellaio Proves Lightning Can Strike a Neighborhood Twice

Feb 01, 2019 279

In early 2018, nearly eight years after opening their cult-favorite Dallas restaurant Lucia, David and Jennifer Uygur announced that they would open MacellaioEater Dallas’s 2018 restaurant of the year. From the moment the doors opened, Macellaio became an instant classic thanks to its deeply involved menu of charcuterie offerings, fresh breads, and a dining room that’s a whole lot easier to access than a still-coveted reservation at Lucia.

When Lucia first opened its doors, David and Jennifer Uygur were there each and every time the restaurant was open for service. It was essential in the beginning, until the duo could establish a staff that could run the restaurant to their exacting standards. As they planned to branch out with Macellaio, though, the Uygurs were confident that they would be able to keep Lucia the same without their constant presence.

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