Rachael Ray At 50: 'Eat Your Spaghetti!'

Dec 02, 2019 330


Rachael Ray is taping her talk show at her studio in Manhattan and someone has just gotten a makeover. The woman is overwhelmed by her transformation, and Ray is encouraging her not to cry: "Turn back around, stop crying! You look so beautiful. Do you like what you see? Don't cry!" She gathers the woman in for "huggums" as the audience cheers.

And while Ray became famous for her no-fuss cooking style, the secret of her success is that she seems warm and relatable. Watching her on TV can feel like finding yourself at your favorite sister's kitchen table: There will be a hug when you need it — or, in my case, when I meet her after the show, there'll be something else you may want. 

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SOURCE: https://www.nhpr.org

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