Quality meets authenticity at Philadelphia Seafood & Italian

Apr 14, 2019 383

BY: Lauren Glendenning

When Allen Peake and Chef Joel Gruneich took over Philadelphia's cheesesteak restaurant, they had a vision to elevate the experience without changing the things people loved about the place. That's why you'll still find the most authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches around on the menu, but now they're made with hand-sliced, grass-fed Bently Ranch beef.

Don't worry, in true Philly fashion, he didn't remove the option to top off the sandwich with classic cheese whiz, provolone or white American cheese. "I love the cheesesteaks," Peake said. "But our idea was to elevate the cuisine by adding more Italian dishes and providing the community with an option for fresh seafood. I'm happy that we were able to keep something going that the town had lost."

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SOURCE: https://www.recordcourier.com/

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