Principe Foods Presents Italian-Style Meats

Mar 02, 2019 213

BY: Magie Mead

I know the saying is ‘a good man is hard to find,’ but I propose an alternative phrase,—‘a good meat is hard to find.’ It’s true; I love a good cured meat; from salami to prosciutto, they’re all winners in my book, but often the quality can be a little, shall we say, iffy. One company that is making a commitment to quality is Principe Foods, a California-based importing company operating throughout the United States.

In 1999, it entered into an exclusive agreement with Principe in Italy, which has been operating as a family-owned business since 1945 and is still run by its third generation. The Italian company’s meat standards have always been all natural, ABF, and no MSGPrincipe was the only company to bring the very first Parma and San Daniele DOP ABF into the U.S market.

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