Policano’s Italian Sausage – Simply Perfect

Aug 27, 2019 198

BY: Ellie Plass

 The best lunch around Linden Mall is at Policano’s Italian Sausage truck. Doug Policano has been parking his truck on the north side of Linden Boulevard at 79th Street since 1978, right on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, and locals claim you won’t find a better sausage in either borough. 

Policano’s Italian Sausage is about one thing, and one thing only – and it’s right there in the name, and also on the license plate. Sausage. You can get a sausage sandwich, or a box of sausages. You can get them with peppers, or with onions, or with both or neither. You can get water. Sodas. You can also get knishes and hot dogs, but we don’t think you’ll be needing those.

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SOURCE: https://bklyner.com

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