Plate Italiano Moderno: A Brookside restaurant rises from the ashes better than ever

Aug 30, 2019 327

Modern cuisine is a moving target. As any chef that’s been in the business for more than a year will tell you, tastes change and trends come and go. So when you call a restaurant “modern,” you’re committing to constant evolution. In the case of Plate Italiano Moderno, that evolution was hastened by a disastrous fire at the restaurant’s first location.

But just like prairies or forests, this restaurant came back stronger and better after the fire. Plate, owned by Christian and Andrea Joseph, originally opened in 2015 at the corner of 62nd and Oak in Brookside. In April 2017, fire ravaged the building. The restaurant has since reopened a few blocks away at 701 E. 63rd St., in the former Cleveland Chiropractic building. 

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