Piazza della Famiglia Family Tiles Now Available - Limited Space!

Mar 22, 2019 332

The Piazza della Famiglia was intentionally designed to celebrate the rich history of San Diego's Little Italy and the families that have and still do contribute to its thriving and vibrant ambiance.  With several opportunities available to memorialize your family, a loved one or your company, the latest in those opportunities has just been released - The Piazza della Famiglia Family Tiles!

The Family Tiles are located at the base of the fountain and seating steps located near the Little Italy Food Hall.  With only 51 Family Tiles available, they will go quickly—reserve yours today by clicking on the button below. Space is limited and we will sell out! Reserve yours today FAMILY TILE SPECIFICATIONS. 4" tall x 8" wide. 22 characters max including spaces, 3 lines max and no logos. $1,000

IT'S IN THE DETAILS! Did you know?! The fountain was designed with three basins to honor the families of the past, present and future of Little Italy. The sculptural details that adorn the fountain all have a significant meaning as well—the fish represent the tuna industry that helped build Little Italy as it is known today and the lion heads represent the strength to persevere through tough times.

While looking around the Piazza, one will see the symbol of the olive tree used in various ways, representing the namesake of the Piazza—La Famiglia. The trunk of the tree represents a strong support of a parent or guardian, the branches bring life—supporting the off-spring and the olives are the new life that shall one day grow and start the next generation.

Don’t forget to also look up and enjoy the overhead market lights, which showcase and celebrate different holidays and initiatives throughout year.

LARGE & MEDIUM PAVERS. Two of the other opportunities in the Piazza are the large and medium pavers that stretch from end-to-end on the Piazza floor.
SPECIFICATIONS: Large Paver / 3' tall x 3' wide. $50,000 - 14 Remaining. Medium Paver / 2' tall x 2' wide. $25,000 - 11 Remaining. More info

PLANTER TILES. The last option available are planter tiles that are inserted into planter spreads throughout the lush landscaped in each of the planters. Each planter has 3 tiles that can be inset.
SPECIFICATIONS: Planter Tile / 1' tall x 1' wide. $5,000 - 48 Remaining. More info

SOURCE: Little Italy Association of San Diego

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