This Philadelphia designer is making menswear more relaxed

Jul 02, 2019 274

BY: Elizabeth Wellington

Let’s face it: Relaxed menswear causes more problems than solutions. Without steadfast fashion rules — especially the tried-and-true blazer/tie combo — men started to both squeeze or swim in ill-fitting, dated looks that always seemed sloppy. Enter Francesco Reale, the 35-year-old owner and founder of Moda Matters. For summer, the aerospace executive-turned-fashion mogul is introducing a line of suits on its website ( inspired by the fashions of Italy. He’s calling the style Italian American, the looks come just in time for the summer wedding season.

“We are taking some of the elements of Italian suits and giving them an American twist,” Reale told me from his office in WeWork on the 1900 block of Market Street. “It’s a much more relaxed look,” he continued. “Italian American doesn’t mean velour sweatsuits anymore. It doesn’t mean bright and tacky, but it is about wearing the brighter palette. It’s about being dressed, but being comfortable.”

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