Petition heats up debate over Columbus statue in Mishawaka

Jun 25, 2020 245

BY: Samson Tamijani

It’s a statue that has overlooked Mishawaka Avenue for 28 years, but according to some in the area, it only symbolizes racism against the original people who called Michiana home. Central Park's Christopher Columbus statue was installed in the heart of the town in 1992 to celebrate 500 years of modern European exploration (Leif Erikson is accepted by historians as the first European to step foot in North America).

But as of Wednesday evening, almost one thousand online users think it should be taken down amidst nationwide upheaval against statues honoring men with white supremacist reputations. Lifelong Mishawaka resident Autumn Steinike supports removing the statue, and said once she learned more about Columbus, she started to despise him, mentioning that her hometown is named after Princess Mishawaka of the Shawnee tribe.

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